Where To Find Cheap Exercise Equipment – Get Buff On The Cheap

Ok, so you have just come back from your physical, and your Doctor has told you no order to get into shape or else. You don’t want to know the “or else,” so you agree and go home and research a way to get cheap exercise equipment for your home.

You have checked out the local gyms, and the fees are just too high, and you are wondering if you would find the motivation to get in the car and go there. So, you decide to set up your gym in your home to set up your schedule and workout at your own pace.

So, you survey your basement or spare room, clear it out, and now you have to fill it with some fitness exercise equipment. You have decided on a couple of things you want, and one of them is a treadmill and the other an elliptical trainer machine. Those are the most expensive pieces to buy new; the rest you can pick up as you need, such as a stand of free weights, a skipping rope, or some other things.

But for now, you want those two more significant pieces. You go to the fitness equipment store, and you are shown shiny new treadmills and elliptical trainers with all the latest gadgets, and it feels like a new car showroom, and you are excited until you see the price tag! OUCH! They even offer you payment plans! But you just wanted a simple but good-quality treadmill and elliptical machine, right?

So, you go home, and now you need to go to Plan B, but what? Could you check this out?

Cheap Exercise Equipment – This means something other than reasonable in quality. One great way to find excellent fitness equipment cheaply is to start with the newspaper. Look for any in your area, and read the ads carefully. There are two things you are looking for when purchasing used exercise equipment.

  1. Why Are You Selling? – If the answer to this question is that they are upgrading to a more powerful or better machine, then chances are this one may be pretty well used. You can go and look at it, check the belts and electronics, and ask actually to use it for a trial. (Make sure you show up in comfy workout clothes and not your high heels!). If they don’t want you on it for very long, or not at all, then walk away.

If they are selling it because it has become a dust collector, and they seem to be using it as a hanger for shirts, this could be that diamond you have been looking for. If you go to their house and they have to rip apart the closet or basement to get it out, don’t let that scare you; it means it has hardly been used! Could you clean off the dust and check it out? This would be a great buy. The perfect cheap exercise equipment!

Could you ensure you come prepared with the amount of cash you are willing to pay and some tools for taking it apart and getting it home? Or perhaps they can deliver it for you. You should devise a way to get it home before you go and look at it. If you have to come back later or go home for a think and get some tools, it may get sold before you get there. So, could you plan your purchase and how to get it home? This may include bringing a friend to help carry it, as the sellers may be giving you a good deal as long as they don’t have to heave it up the stairs or down the driveway!

  1. Price – Make sure you are up on the prices of some of the brands of treadmills and ellipticals. There can be quite a price spread depending on the make and model. So, could you try and educate yourself? If you are looking in the paper, see if they list the brand or ask them. Now you can tell if you are getting a good deal or not.

Cheap Exercise Equipment at Garage Sales – This can be a great place to buy. Many people are cleaning out their garage andgaragesent, which may give you a good deal. Ask them how often they use it or why they are selling it. Chances are they bought it to use it and just stopped, overdid it initially, were too sore from using it again, and have been put off exercise for good! (work slowly on these machines in the face!).

Estate Sales – Check your local paper for estate sales. Many families trying to sell an older relative’s house and belongings will have an estate sale. No matter their age, many people will have exercise equipment in place. They want to get rid of these things and may offer them at a reasonable price.

It is better to go to an estate sale rather than an auction as people get too fired up at auctions, and you may end up paying too much, so go to a real estate sale where you can take the time and look at the equipment.

Online – A good, trusted online store can also be a great place to buy cheap exercise equipment. Amazon is one such site. Or you can use the internet to compare prices and get familiar with a reasonable price. You may find good prices for discount exercise equipment or end-of-season sale, and if there is a fair price for delivery, that is also something to consider.

Cheap Exercise Equipment – If you do your homework and shop well, you could end up with a well-equipped home gym for a fraction of the cost of that shiny showroom store. Now that you have done everything and are set up, you have to use it!

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