Technology Made Us Fat


With today’s technological advancement, humans are no longer living the old ways. Technology made us fat. What about the old ways? The old ways were how our parents, grandparents, or even great-grandparents had to endure a lot of energy and sweat to get to places to complete specific tasks or hard chores, yet we all find a piece of cake. Mind you, back then; it was like a baby boomer when the technologies were still thriving way up to date. While technology has contributed to a great deal of progress, it has also had many adverse effects.
The name is pronounced. Technology has made us F-A-T. One prominent example of technology is transportation. People walked and cycled more in the past because few people owned cars. Buying a car was a big ticket back in the day (even now!). The old-timers traveled long distances by foot like a norm and never whined about it because that was how they lived. They were using energy. Today, our roads are crowded with vehicles and more vehicles to come, and in many regions, the car remains the main ride because of poor public transport or the ease and convenience of vehicles. This has resulted in people driving short distances to get to their destinations. Therefore, they exercise much less and consequently put on weight quickly. Not only that, but we might also once in a while hear grumbles of spoiled brats walking that short distance is a tireless effort. It sounds like walking into a torture chamber to me!
Women previously washed their clothes and dishes manually at home, regardless of a full basket. They walked their children to school, the playgrounds, and the markets and shops for their supplies. For some, even if they took public transport, some walked from the bus stops to their destinations and back. This gave them some form of exercise. But today, almost all homes have washing machines, and many have dishwashers. Women nowadays who have busy careers and lifestyles also tend to buy a lot of ready-to-eat meals which only take a few minutes to heat in microwave ovens. They spend little time and energy on cooking laborious meals. Even the vacuum cleaner has taken over the conventional sweeping method. No fuss and time-saved! The possible development of housekeeping robots and other technologies has made housework less strenuous.
Compared to a few decades ago, the computer was a mere plain computer with the Net service provider. It was a standard issue. People know about it; they don’t even bother. Of late, with the popularity and the hype over social networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and so on, people are curious; even though some sites have already been put up for ages, they are still getting the craze. These overwhelming social networking sites are growing hand in hand with the evolution of the computer, attracting more people to purchase one. Since then, we all have become computer freaks. We all started plowing land on the Internet, making visual dollars. Even when the computer is keeping up-to-date, the tube has never lost sight; it is still there. And it keeps getting thin and flat, high and wide. It even works like the Internet. No matter how the environment has changed, the television set is still the number one spot in children’s and adults’ everyday lifestyles. So our asses rooted for hours in front of the screens, unlike the people of 20 years ago who would be spending time playing and relaxing outdoors—no doubt how the couch potatoes came from.

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