How to Lose Weight Fast on a Plant Based Diet

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Now, I still ate fruits and vegetables, but I was also eating the above in moderation. I eventually eliminated those items, but I still needed to figure out where I wanted to be physically or with my overall health. A few years later, I heard a great radio program one afternoon about being a vegan and its health benefits. I started trying a primarily plant-based diet and was amazed at the results. I instantly began to lose weight. At first, I was eating salads, but I needed more variety. I learned about vegan cuisine and juicing. Juicing was the “X Factor” for me. I was getting all the nutrients I needed and a massive energy rush. I immediately turned to the internet to see if other people were experiencing these same things, and they were. Since going on a plant-based diet, many things have changed for me. The first thing to realize is that adopting a plant-based diet is not a diet but a lifestyle change. And it does require a lifestyle change. That means you have to be willing to sacrifice your overall health, not just physical fitness but mental and emotional health. I continue to make these lifestyle changes today. Here is a glimpse into some of the changes I have made for my overall health:

  • Focus on Mostly Raw Food – I am not suggesting you become a raw foodist unless you want to, but my body saw and felt instant results when I drastically reduced the amount of processed food I ate daily. Right now, I am about 70% raw food oriented and want to get to 80% natural.
  • Juice Daily – Juicing is essential in making transformations because it allows you to capture many nutrients you would not ordinarily be able to capture in significant quantities. My daily green juice is a huge energy boost, allowing me to get all my essential nutrients for vegetables. Juicing also allows me to detox, which is crucial to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Exercise with Intensity – Most people go to the gym year after year, getting mediocre results at best, but they have other ambitions. I recently noticed that the people getting the best results are doing so about 20% of the time. You don’t have to go to a gym to get in great shape. More people are opting to work out at home using P90X or other gymless systems.
  • Be Around Positive People – Toxic environments are just that, toxic. As a result, I make all efforts to avoid toxic environments and spend my time with positive people who are open-minded and willing to experience new things, such as a vegan lifestyle.

These things might seem simple because they are, but they are not accessible. People are slow to embrace change because it causes them to get out of their comfort zone, but it is essential to realize that significant changes only come outside their comfort zone. The good thing about adopting a plant-based lifestyle is that it is a positive change, especially around your waist and on the scale.


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